LeMarque Sheppard - Sampling of News & Other Items

March 2014 - Client Making Strides 
I'm quite proud to see a good friend & client making a huge leap!

February 2014 - Startup Accelerator
It's great being a Stars Mentor for this 
fantastic accelerator here in the State of Virginia. 

October 2013 - Lies, Damned Lies, and Questionable "Al-lies" (Yeah, I know, creative)
A certain Asian country thought that I owned a business that employed almost 10,000 soldiers. Really? This same country "could not" find Osama bin Laden within its own borders for 10 years. Apparently they arrest 9-month old babies for murder, too. You can't make this stuff up!

September 2013 - More Forensics
DHS SBIR Phase II award. Most excellent! And updated website.

May 2013 - State of Virginia Funding
VA CIT CRCF award for commercialization work.

September 2012 - Running Fun
 - Lots of fun, plus deserving charitable causes.

August 2012 - High Tech Forensics Startup
DHS SBIR Phase I award. Nice win and just the beginning!

July 2010 - Resera Ltd Launch
Resera provides strategic consulting and business intelligence services to corporate, government, and nonprofit organizations. 

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